Company Profile

Blue Sky Energy (BSE) is a developer and owner of renewable energy projects

BSE’s operations include: Medium size photovoltaic solar energy fields & Wind farms

BSE is an independent comprehensive developer of long-term renewable energy facilities. Our comprehensive solutions include financing, statute & regulation, permits & licenses, land-use changes, insurance and EPC subcontracting

BSE has collaboration agreements with experienced international consulting firms, leading manufacturers and experienced EPC contractors forming an efficient professional consortium for developing, constructing and operating renewable energy facilities.



Blue Sky Group

The Team

BSE offers its customers an attractive opportunity to benefit from a convergence of unique expertise. The BSE partners, each having activities in the specific components of the local and global renewable energy market, have decided to work together and offer our customers quality and professional services.


Ben Chlouche Holdings : BCH, the entrepreneurial arm of BSE, is headed by Eyal Ben Chlouche.  Ben Chlouche is a finance expert who served as Commissioner of Insurance and other senior positions at the Israeli Ministry of Finance. Currently he serves as senior consultant and director to leading financial corporations and is involved in private financial entrepreneurships


Erdinast, Ben Nathan & Co. Advocates : since its establishment in 1988, EBN has become a leading commercial law firms in Israel. Leveraging its expertise in a broad range of civil and commercial areas of practice, EBN has played a major role in some of the largest and most complex transactions and legal proceedings conducted in Israel in recent years. EBN has extensive experience in representing equity investors, developers, technology providers, contractors and financiers with respect to energy & infrastructures projects, including electricity generation facilities from both conventional and renewable energy sources. For more details about EBN please see


Drori & Shaked Appraisers : Prominent real estate appraising firm with specific expertise in agricultural real estate. DSA provides nationwide consultancy and business services to communal associations.More details about Drori&Shaked Appraisers please see

David Ben Yatah :  Solar – Director of construction and operation of solar projects from 2010, coordinates the work with construction contractors and authorities. Wind – responsible for the establishment and development of wind measurement points across the country.


Why us ?

BSE offers its customers an attractive opportunity to benefit from a convergence of unique expertise in financing, statute & regulation and in-depth understanding in statute permits & licenses, land-use changes, insurance and EPC subcontracting.

In light of the fruitful collaborations with world-leading EPC consulting firms, expertise, knowledge and experience acquired in its various renewable energy projects, BSE offers its customers a comprehensive service package, allowing efficient set-up and operation of renewable energy facilities.

BSE aims to build business collaborations with relevant property owners which incorporate comprehensive and professional solutions, thus ensuring the implementation of plans and allowing the execution of complex renewable energy projects.


Our Projects:


BSE develops large rooftop projects and wide-scale land projects.  To-date, BSE holds provisional licenses for 12 MW medium size facilities of which 6 MW have been approved.  The construction of the approved facilities is expected to be completed by Q4 2013.

All projects have full secured bank funding.


With the aid of top tier consultants, BSE develops wind turbine farms used for the production high voltage electricity and overhead current.  BSE owns data bases and advanced detection devices used for simulation and feasibility analysis of wind farm construction in Israel.

Amongst our customers: Kibbutz Maagan Michael, Kibbutz Ein Harod Eihud, Moshav Yodfat, Kibbutz Hazorea, and Kibbutz Ein Shemer.